TFS Mapping Fail:"The path X is already mapped in workspace Y"

I ran into this error today when moving to a new TFS Server. I found this page which had me close visual studio and run the following command from the visual studio command prompt:

The command "tf workspaces /remove:*" clears out all of the cached workspaces (it only affects the cache file). You can also specify "/s:http://oldserver:8080" to clear out only the workspaces that were on the old server

This worked like a charm, after restarting Visual Studio everything worked great.

Death to TFS Merge Tool

If you're like me and you hate using the merge tool that comes with Visual Studio 2010 then you should check out this site.

WIF and missing add STS reference in VS2010

If you find that "add STS reference" in VS2010 is missing run this from the VS command prompt: devenv.exe /ResetAddin Microsoft.IdentityModel.Tools.VS.VSAddin.FederationAddin (External Link - Give credit where it's due)

Visual Studio Settings

My coworker showed me to a feature in Visual Studio today that I’ve been looking for for almost 4 years. If you go into VisualStudio/Tools/Options you can check the option "Track Active Item in Solution Explorer":

Now whatever file is currently open/active in visual studio will be highlighted in the Solution Explorer.