Don't Code Alone!

Ted: What if I don’t think of the books?
Robin: Excuse me?
Ted: There’s this famous architecture story about this architect who designed this library. It was perfect. But every year, the whole thing would sink a couple inches into the ground. Eventually the building was condemned. …He forgot to account for the weight of the books. This company…it’s just me. What if I don’t think of the books?
In this conversation between two of the main characters in How I Met Your Mother, Ted Mosby worries about the future of his fledgling architecture firm. The story he cites has proven to be urban legend, but it does illustrate an interesting point: the most elementary things can sometimes escape us. The simplest mistake can “sink the library” as it were.

Ear Pods by Apple

So I have had the Ear Pods(ePods) for two days now and here are my impressions. The cord is slightly longer than the old headphones that came with the iPhone and the inline controls are slightly higher up on the cord. The packaging is very nice however getting ePods back into their case proves to be a bit of a chore. Next let me say that I'm not an audiophile, I've been using the normal headphones for the iPhone for a few years and my primary complaint was that they wouldn't stay in my ears.  That being said, the ePods do sound quite a lot better though they still fall out of my ears occasionally.  I've started stuffing my ears with Kleenex behind the ePods to wedge them more throughly in my ears and weirdly enough not only does this prevent them from falling out of my ears but it makes the audio noticeably awesome.  I'm thinking of either returning them in a few days or buying some suguru to modify them more permanently so they stay put. All in all a very mixed experience so far. If audio is all your after then I'd say buy them as the quality is markedly better than the headphones that came with previous versions of the iPhone, however if you have had problems keeping ear-buds from falling out of your ears then the ePods are not the solution.

TFS Mapping Fail:"The path X is already mapped in workspace Y"

I ran into this error today when moving to a new TFS Server. I found this page which had me close visual studio and run the following command from the visual studio command prompt:

The command "tf workspaces /remove:*" clears out all of the cached workspaces (it only affects the cache file). You can also specify "/s:http://oldserver:8080" to clear out only the workspaces that were on the old server

This worked like a charm, after restarting Visual Studio everything worked great.

Death to TFS Merge Tool

If you're like me and you hate using the merge tool that comes with Visual Studio 2010 then you should check out this site.

WIF and missing add STS reference in VS2010

If you find that "add STS reference" in VS2010 is missing run this from the VS command prompt: devenv.exe /ResetAddin Microsoft.IdentityModel.Tools.VS.VSAddin.FederationAddin (External Link - Give credit where it's due)